Saturday, June 12, 2010

BP Blocking Media Access?

Remember when I talked about the "security" guys? Well here is an excellent video I found of just how weird things are on the beach. What exactly are they trying to hide? Why can't we talk to the workers? Like I said before, it is common knowledge among the locals here that anybody who works for BP is threatened to not talk to the media because they will lose their jobs. What are they afraid their workers will say? And what are they afraid of us seeing? All up and down the beach you see these security guys in blue shirts and I cannot help but think that they look like overseers.
When I ran into one of these guys yesterday I asked him who exactly he was trying to keep secure. They certainly don't try to pretend that they are simply job managers. No, they are securing something. I asked if he was supposed to keep us from going over the tiger booms. Well, no, that wasn't it. We can go over the booms if we want, we will just be decontaminated if we do. He said that his job was to make sure everyone was accounted for. Is this an admission that they are employing disreputable people to clean up the oil? Or does it mean that they are trying to control the interactions between the media and the workers.

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  1. There's a stink in the air and its not just the oil.