Thursday, June 10, 2010

A fifteen minute conversation

Here are some bullet points that Ginger scrambled to write down after our first informal meet and greet at town hall:

-Josie: "if a hurricane hits us right now it'll break us, we're fighters but there's some point where you just can't fight anymore."

-Media should pay fishermen to cart them around in their boats, it's not like the fisherman are making money any other way

-Floyd(Chris' brother-in-law) was bringing the media around on his boat when the motor sucked up oil and broke

-The firemen and trucks are deployed in different areas of the island, and it would make it hard to mobilize them in the event of a fire. Also the trucks are being left outside in the sun for long periods of time, which degrades the hoses.

-This time of year is usually when Chris prepares for the upcoming hurricane season, but it isn't getting done because he is so overwhelmed by the oil disaster

-The oysters don't open up like they naturally do(every seven minutes) because they know the oil is poison, so they end up starving to death

-Last year a lot of money was invested in Elmer's Island for this tourist season, now the beach is covered with oil and closed

-Bait and tackle shop, which last year made $50,000 in June alone, is closing, and so is the Shell station

-BOP not tested for mile-deep drilling; Chris suggested closing deep water drilling, but not shallow water, let them work

-Oysters, fish, shrimp, crawfish: these industries are ruined with no foreseeable rebound

-Mayor just testified for the plan to position barges to protect the marshes and inner bays.

-BP employees are warned that they will lose their jobs if they talk to the media. This includes any fisherman that BP employs. Their wives are talking, though, and they are MAD

-Anyone who walks on the beach is forced to decontaminate their shoes, but when a truck dumped oil all over Chris' street the other day they "decontaminated" it by pouring sand over it to cover it up.

-Nobody actually expects BP to do anything to restore the Grand Isle community

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