Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ginger and I were invited over to Chris' house today for a big family party. While we were there we spent a lot of time talking and joking with Floyd Lasseigne, Chris' brother-in-law. Floyd and Chris love nothing more than having fun and making up stories about the other, but when it comes to the oil spill they are serious. They both know that this spill is spelling out the end of their way of life. Especially Floyd. Floyd has been fishing these waters all of his life, and comes from a long line of fishermen. He told me that he got interviewed and met the president. When I got back to the motel I looked up the video and was devastated by what I saw:

Floyd Lasseigne, Fisherman

From Chris' house you can see across to Floyd's house, with his boat tied up on the dock. Floyd can't work for BP because he was just battling cancer and his doctor told him to stay away from the oil. Did BP pay him $70,000 for lost income this year? Nope, they cut him a $5,000 check and called it a day. His response to BP is displayed on his home:

It says:
BP You ruined our futures and our heritage.

BP Commercial fisherman need yors prayers and help please!

BP Please stop spraying dispersants. You are killing our wildlife and eco-systems. What's next? US

To our customers we are out of business until further notice due to BP oil disaster

BP CEO Tony Hayward said "I'd like my life back." What the hell do you think we want? BP's negligence took away our future, livelihood, and heritage.

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